Changing Gears

As the saying goes, change is good. It’s time for a change on this blog/podcast/ etc. I have a dream… said Martin Luther King. Well so do I. My dream is to have a digital media company. But what does that mean really.

Today so many businesses are labeling themselves as Online Media Companies or Digital Media Companies or Digital Marketing Companies. My point is labels don’t really define who or what we are or do.

So what brought me to this change again. Well looking at my current stats and numbers from my iTune account and blog post views. It is clear to me I am attracting  only crickets.

So in order to be what it is I envision, I must change my direction and figure out a different strategy.

Video is what I love to do. Audio is in a close 2nd place. Talent is there though could use some development. Equipment is available and ready to use. So what is the problem?

I can only be NON-Relevance syndrome. You probably have the same symptoms as I do. No one clicking. No one sharing. And it looks like no one is even bothering to view your Social Media feed.

Well if they don’t come to me I need to go to them. But I don’t want gimmicks and show boating. I want to deliver quality and be genuine.

I won’t pretend that my motive is all about smiley emojis and thumbs up. Nope, I am also growing a business and a brand.

I have babbled enough, my point to this post was to let you know that TheBSide Podcast was making a change for the better. Time to help other creatives like me find an audience and spread a message.

See you soon.



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