Global Running Day

So where did this holiday come from? I don’t know just thought I would label my post after it.

I like to run. Not all the time. And truthfully I don’t have what is considered a runners body. I went to a Chiropractor one time because of a pinch in my back and he told me that I should do walking or elliptical training. I vaguely remember him telling that my hip bone was too wide. What ever did he me, I don’t know.

This post will probable have no purpose in it. My goal is to begin writing something every day on this blog.

Today I will be doing work for Amazon. I have joined the ranks of App Independent Contractors. (AIC) I left a steady job to run my business full-time.

Part of my daily operations is marketing and promotions. Now is a great time to give a shameless plug. My website is the best place on the internet to get 3D popup greeting cards. There I did it. That wasn’t so bad.

Running a business is a lot of hard work. The lure of it is being able to write my own check. Tell myself what todo. Answer to only me. Yet the reality is much different.

Going back to a 9 to 5 at this stage of the game is not an option. I have been running after this dream for over 20 years.

Well my ADD is setting in. Time to run.

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Jewell Williams Co-Owner of


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